Spring Whispers Book Club - Transformation of A Riverside Cottage 


Even in Beijings winterfall, people's enthusiasm for the renewal of old city has never diminished. In Xian Yu Kou District, there are several Hutongs interspersed with a newly built river, the evergreen plants and the cobblestone path look particularly clear and bright. The Spring Whispers Book Club, which is the first domestic magazine library, is located in a traditional three-room house presented with public functions after the new overall planning of the neighborhood. Through reusing this place, the founders and FON Studio hope to give a new spatial experience to those who still enjoy paper reading and journals in terms of artistic design, movies and music.

09_Interface between stone and grass
04_ Entrance
01_Facade along the river
19_Rear window scenery
20_Detail of the space partition
12_Sunshine slides into the room
15_Reading desk
25_Steel bookcase
14_ View through the grille
23_Detail of grille
24_Long window on the west side