Spring Whispers Magazine Library


Public reading space is really essential for urban culture. This time, Spring Whisper reading club cooperates with Chaoyang City Study. We optimize and upgrade the original reading architecture very quickly in the Sanlitun street, which can accommodate more readers here. There are various types of business space and people. Our reading study locates in the northern area, which is the important traffic area. The tourists and readers have the chance to see the whole building and the interior structure. Due to the short period, the key point of design is the update of space and the promotion of vision, instead of the overall change of the architecture structure. In order to provide a relaxing and clear reading space, we choose the soft style to start this transform.

18_Main Staircase
16_Movable Bench
14_Movable Bench
13_Movable Bookshelf
19_Full view
11_Reading Area
30_Bar&Staircase Detail
29_2nd floor partial
31_Bookshelf Detail
27_Reading table