05_B库轴测图 Axon of Depot B
The Picture Gallery of Nature


The flexibility of inner penetration of light structural arc and cascaded structural opening in Building establishes a children’s activity space mainly for reading and painting. Entering into the space, visi-tors will see a bright castle into which blocks rising one after another juxtapose with arches of vari-ous sizes. The fluid traffic flow in the space which presents an image of innocent children runs back and forth, adding various interests of using experience. The color of interior texture is wood grain combined with pure white, offering a bright and hospitable experiencing environment which is sharply different from the crude neighborhood so that people can stay here leisurely and enjoyably.

03_白色入口门夜景:The Night View through white-door entrance
01_白色入口门:white-door entrance
05_绘画阅读区:Painting &Reading area
02_白色入口门室内:indoor space of white-door entrance
18_小朋友安静阅读:child who is reading quietly
07_绘画阅读区:Painting &Reading area
13_亲子活动:Parent-child activities
11_主空间视角/major space perspective
23_弧形墙面细节/detail ofCambered wall
17_小朋友安静阅读:child who is reading quietly
09_教室A: ClassroomA