Breeze Market – A clear short story in Qianmen old street 



It is said that the market is a placebo for urban life. Green vegetables, red and green fruits, fresh meat and cooked food are placed on the stall, people can walk around and enjoy it. If they feel comfortable, they will talk to various businesses and bargain in order to get some delicious ingredients for the daily meals.

In this summer, Fon Studio was commissioned by the Breeze Market to design a traditional building in the Qianmen Xinglong District. The owners of market are the ones who love food and food market, the goal is not to duplicate the traditional market space, but to persue high-quality ingredients and food events and to create an interesting venue for local residents and visitors from all over the world.

05_主入口  Main entrance
03_建筑外观  Building  facade
11_半开放主食厨房  Semi-open staple kitchen
10_不同货架组合  Different combination of shelves
15_半透明楼梯结构  Translucent staircase structure
08_延伸的白色体块和移动货架  Extended white volume and movable shelves
17_与窗框相接的楼梯  Stairs connected with window frame
19_二层书架隔断  bookshelf partition on the second floor
31_货架局部  Shelf details
24_走廊  Corridor
23_就餐区  Eating area
21_开放厨房  Open kichen